Success Stories at Crossroads Orthopedic PT

John B.

Highly recommend Shaheen! My son Tanner is an elite lacrosse player and was in town for a tournament. Unfortunately he had severe back pain that was keeping him from running and playing. With one week before the tournament we had 2 sessions with Shaheen (on short notice). She was able to not only help him with the pain through treatment and exercise, but fixed the problem. Tanner had a great tournament and no longer had any issues with his lower back. Thanks for everything Shaheen!

Jesse M.

We met Dr Siddiqui when traveling in Mesa/Chandler with our club lacrosse team for a couple tournaments. She was referred by a trusted colleague in orthopedic field. One of our players had acute low back pain which prevented him from playing. Dr Siddiqui not only was able to see him right away, she was able to get him back to full function in just 2 sessions. He was able to play out the tournament without any additional back pain! Thank you Doc!

Ilana M.

Crossroads OPT has treated my entire family. My husband and I are being treated for back/muscular challenges, my oldest daughter for leg strengthening. When my youngest daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis and was going to have surgery, they gave her exercises to strengthen her core and treatments to relieve some pain...all of which enabled her recovery to go smoother than it would have been. I highly recommend Crossroads OPT!!


Shaheen is an excellent therapist. I just left “Crossroads Orthopedic Physical Therapy” walking up straight after 5 days of severe pain and a poster like that of mr. Fredrickson in the “movie Up“. The only regret I have is, not seeing Shaheen sooner. I would absolutely and most definitely recommend Shaheen.

Kashif Z.

My experimentation with Indian wrestling, Kung-Fu, power lighting, body building and multiple car and motor cycle accidents in past 22 years led me to almost all the injuries in the book, right from bulging lumber region, rotator cuff, lower back muscle tear, knee, neck, tilted pelvic and more. I had accepted that I am going live with pain. Doctors in India and United States advised me not to lift weights. Then I met shaheen and she started treating my injuries, most of my pains are gone and now I can see myself having a pain free active life. Thank you shaheen for helping me!!!!

Kelly W.

Shaheen is awesome!! She gives one to one personal service! She has helped both of my daughters. Shaheen is one of a kind!!If you are hurting and want someone who really cares, you must try Crossroads Orthopedic Physical Therapy!!!